Mrs. Maine America Pageant
Miss Maine for America Pageant

My name is Meghan Gray, and I am thrilled to represent the beautiful state of Maine. I am a working mom of two, Madison Pearl (3) and Landon Michael (1). My husband, Ben, and I have been happily married for 7 years. I couldn’t have picked a better partner with whom to tackle our daily adventures and raise our children side by side. Being a wife and mother has taught me patience, humility, persistence and unconditional love.

I hold an M.A. in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University. Communication is my passion, whether it be as a sign language interpreter, freelance blogger, or an Associate Director of Alumni Relations at Colby College. I thrive in situations where I am able to interact with people.

As your Mrs. Maine America 2020, I am honored to continue working to raise awareness about the Maine Drug Court System. As someone who watched my brother successfully complete the program, I can speak to its benefits on a personal level. I look forward to sharing my experience on the national stage in addition to working with my local officials to minimize the opiate crisis that our state and this country is facing.

Being a part of the Mrs. Maine America family is a true privilege and one that I don’t take lightly. This system embodies the type of woman I strive to be every day - one who serves as a role model for my children and others, empowers my peers and gives back to my community. I want my children to grow up realizing that anything is possible, and that failure is just a stepping stone to their next big adventure.

As your titleholder, I hope to make a lasting impact on our state. I am forever indebted to my supporters and promise to work tirelessly to make you proud.

Much love,

Meghan Gray








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